PR’s men of steel (and a bit of carbon)

PR has many secrets.

One of them is something of a secret society. Actually it’s not even that secret really: it’s just that the thought of a bunch of middle-aged male PR people in lycra sweating around mountainous parts of Europe for one week every summer can have limited further appeal.

Les Veloistes Gentils is an extended¬†group of friends who each year go on a bike ride¬†founded by Metia’s new arrival Mark ‘Pinny’ Pinsent after he and his family moved to France. Each year, a dozen or more riders, usually about half of them in PR, head off together for a gruelling week of tough cycling and tougher banter.

I could continue to wax lyrical, but we could stray into lycra territory. And anyway, you can follow our frolics here.

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