Where PR measurement meets HRH the Prince of Cambridge

As so many people have tried to interject themselves into this week’s dominant royal baby news agenda, I thought I should have a go myself.

And on the sexy topic of PR measurement. Any excuse eh?

Amidst the furore of public relations-driven and birth-driven editorial that enveloped the UK yesterday, one that caught my eye was on the likely brand value to the (whole) royal family of the arrival of HRH the Prince of Cambridge on Monday afternoon. Not only is he a little prince, he’s apparently a big brand asset.

The comments from asset valuation agency Brand Finance included a reference to the PR value, a standout point in my mind against the generally-accepted backdrop of Buckingham Palace having done some very smart PR in recent years, fuelled by some sound advice. Media assessment of communications around the royal birth also called out how social media was used to engage with the public.

So what is the new prince worth to the royal family’s brand, from a PR perspective? There are no calculations yet of course, nor will there probably ever be any official ones. But at time when some doubters believe the value of PR will never be measured in commercial terms, as the industry continues to pursue very sensible steps towards achieving just that, you’ve got to admire the general acceptance that the royal family has a tangible and commercial brand value, that public relations plays a central role in achieving that value and that the baby news has made an undeniable contribution towards it.

It all certainly points towards a day when, providing we can make sense of all the data while attaching an element of unseen or perceived value to it, some public relations activity can generate outcomes that are measured in pounds and pence.

If a day-old child can start to get it right, there must be a way.

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